Omax CNC Water Jet

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water jet for cutting marching projects

The MAXIEM 1530 is revolutionizing water cutters. With 3D potential, our system sprays at 50,000 psi—compare that to the traditional 2,000 psi of average pressure washers! This speed and strength allows for clean, smooth cuts. It provides clean cuts with an orifice and flow rate of 0.015″ and 40hp Motor Power, coming out as 34hp for the jet. Your dream is moments away from reality!

The Z-Axis add-on allows for much more space when cutting. Traditionally, the X-Y axis is 10′ 0″ x 5′ 2″ (3.04 m x 1.57 m), but the additional Z axis adds 12″ (304 mm) to the cutting capability. Do you need 3D materials? Our team can help you.

The Omax CNC Water Jet has industry-leading cutting speeds and precision, the largest customer support network in the abrasivejet industry, and all orders are shipped from a single location, preassembled and factory-tested!

Standard features include the one-of-a-kind IntelliMAX Standard Software. The all-in-one controller is easy to use with a large 23″ built-in screen. With the precision of an OMXAX MAXJET 5i Nozzle, Z-Axis cutting has never been more efficient! Our team will provide fast, quality water jet cutting for when you need it. Contact Us for your pieces today!

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