Accupress CNC Press Brake

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accupress brake for bending metals

The Accell E brake is the complete package. With a high-quality build, an impressive number of features and options. The throat depth on machines up to 250 tons—500,000 pounds! We engineer and manufacture to produce accuracies of 0.0004″ across the length of the press break.

You have projects that require heavy duty bending. We have the equipment and expertise to get the job done. No matter what manufacturing project you are tackling, Second Generation Arc ‘N’ Spark Welding can handle your request.

The Accupress CNC Press Brake totes an impressive:

  • Throat Depth: 12″ Throat Depth on machines up to 250 tons, and 14″ Throad Depth on 350–500 tons.
  • Backgauge: Accell E includes the premium back gauge with CNC X and R Axis
  • Forming Agency: The synchronized Y1/Y2 Accurpress Accell-E is made to produce repeat and parallelism positional accuracies of minimal length of the press brake.
  • Machine Controls: The powerful and easy-to-use Vision Control comes standard with all Accell models, with an optional Moses upgrade is available.
  • Hydraulic Ram Clamping: All E-models are equipped with Wila Hydraulix Ram Clamping to suit American tooling. Wila New Standard Pro or Premium is optional as well.
  • Generous Open Height/Stroke Length: The Accell line comes standard with impressive ram open heights and stroke lengths providing flexibility for complex part designs.
  • Off-Center Bending: The integrity of the frame provides precision for off-center bending applications. Additionally, advanced control allows for the creation of CNC fade bends.
  • CNC Crowning: CNC Accurcrown is a standard feature offering flexibility and accuracy to the full range of bending applications in all job shop and production environments.
  • Front Support Arms: Swing-stop arms, mounted to the front of the bed, slide left-right via the machine t-slot on the face of the bed.

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